Savii Fashion: Delivering Bespoke Pakistani Apparel with Unmatched Quality


Savii Fashion: Delivering Bespoke Pakistani Apparel with Unmatched Quality -

Savii Fashion is a UK-based company that is dedicated to providing bespoke Pakistani apparel to customers who appreciate high-quality fabrics, excellent tailoring, and intricate design. The company sources its materials from Pakistan and works with local artisans and craftsmen to create beautiful, original, and personalized pieces that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. At the core of Savii Fashion's philosophy is its commitment to quality, which is reflected in every aspect of its business, from its sourcing of fabrics to its tailoring and delivery service. The company is driven by the belief that every customer deserves to wear apparel...

Top Fashion Trends for the year 2022


Top Fashion Trends for the year 2022 -

Each year fashion-savvy consumers wait for the Pantone colour of the year and like every year Pantone did not disappoint with their choice of “Very Peri”. It is described as a dynamic periwinkle blue with a vivid violet-red undertone that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red”. A lot of brands incorporated shades of Very Peri and it was seen as an emerging colour on the runway in various shapes and forms. Another trend that was observed and can still be seen is extreme lengths, it’s a case of ‘more is more. Top to toe colour,...

How does fashion reflect social change?


How does fashion reflect social change? -

Fashion is one of the biggest driving forces in the world. It not only is a medium that portrays a society but also shows us the choices of an individual. It’s a form of expression that helps people display or define their attitude, and personality and communicates their beliefs and ideas in a silent (or loud) manner. Therefore fashion is a social commentary which comprises literature, architecture, art, behavioural patterns, prevalent social trends, economy etc. Fast fashion is a huge part of the industry that creates 15 million tonnes of textile waste each year thus causing damage to our already fading...