How does fashion reflect social change? -
Fashion is one of the biggest driving forces in the world. It not only is a medium that portrays a society but also shows us the choices of an individual. It’s a form of expression that helps people display or define their attitude, and personality and communicates their beliefs and ideas in a silent (or loud) manner. Therefore fashion is a social commentary which comprises literature, architecture, art, behavioural patterns, prevalent social trends, economy etc.

Fast fashion is a huge part of the industry that creates 15 million tonnes of textile waste each year thus causing damage to our already fading Mother Earth. A great number of brands have become aware and want to not contribute any further to damaging our planet. They are opting for eco-friendly solutions to create sustainable fashion that focused on changing the view that fashion is disposable. Not only are they looking out for the planet but also their workers, ensuring that their production and manufacturing units are being operated responsibly, where the workers are protected and safe. This reflects a more conscious customer base that refuses to buy from brands that do not take responsibility for the environment.

Another very important social change that reflects via fashion is ‘Fashion for All Bodies”. Clothing sizes were restricted to a certain body type, creating a barrier between fashion enthusiasts and their dream outfits. Inclusivity started trending and slowly but surely we see an upwards trend in the clothing industry where now ads and runways include models that are of all shapes, sizes and races. This is not only limited to the clothing industry but also to other areas within the world of fashion. Normalizing skin texture, stretch marks and cellulite that make us human is now being celebrated and being endorsed by A list celebrities who continually promote body positivity.

Fashion will always have one of the loudest voices in the world and anytime one wants to see what effect social change has on fashion, all you need to do is follow the ongoing trends.

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